Eagle Landscaping

At Eagle, we value a healthy, collaborative relationship between the natural beauty of Whidbey Island and the people who live on it. We created our landscaping division to put this into practice and help you bring your property to life as a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.


Local Expertise

As anyone who has lived on Whidbey Island can attest to, gardening here can be a challenge! Poor drainage, hungry deer, prolific rabbits, salt spray, and intense wind are just some of the obstacles we often face.

With nearly two decades of experience in the gardening business on Whidbey Island, we here at Eagle have learned what works on Whidbey, and what doesn’t.

Let us apply that experience to your project and help you create a thriving outdoor space you will enjoy for years to come!


Full-Service Design & Installation

Whether you are closing in on finishing the construction of your dream home, or you wish to rethink the landscaping for your house of many years, we can help.


We offer full service throughout the landscaping process.


Initial On-site

We start with an initial on-site meeting to identify your priorities and goals for your landscape project.


Design Process

We collaborate with you to create a plan you’ll love.



We oversee the whole process, from sourcing material to coordinating sub-contractors, to the delicate planting of tender perennials and specimen trees.


Consultation and Design Services

More of a do-it-yourself type?

For those just seeking a little advice, we also offer garden consulting. We work together to bring our experience to your vision and help create a landscaping plan you love and can use as a resource throughout your project.

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